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With Sarj

aequa is a community for social equity, with a Community Centre in Berlin Wedding. We are an intersectional community united by our visions of a world in which everyone can thrive.
 In this show, Sarj will be joined by Olivia Green (she/ her) and Blade Fonteyn (they/ she) of the Sex Workers Union Berlin to talk about MUTUAL AID, particularly in the context of Olivia and Blade’s work fighting for sex workers’ rights. What is mutual aid? Who can practice it? What are some things to keep in mind when organising mutual aid in a community with a diversity of lived experiences, marginalisations and privileges? We’ll also hear a poem from Valerie Karima Djurhus (they/she) about the relationship between visibility and the work of social equity.

 Guests: - Blade Fonteyn (they/ she) is a community organiser and filmmaker. They are active in FAU SW-S (Freie Artieter*innen Union Berlin - Sex Worker Section); T*SW (Trans*SexWorks); and SWAG (Sex Worker Action Group Berlin). - Olivia Green (she/ her) is a community coach. She is active in FAU SW-S (Freie Artieter*innen Union Berlin - Sex Worker Section); BSWC (Black Sex Worker Collective); and is a T*SW (Trans*SexWorks) ally. - Valerie Karima Djurhus (they/she) is a facilitator and anti-discrimination consultant. Valerie is cofounder of LOOM e.V. founder and founder of Equity Impact.
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