ICYMI | #134

Artsakh conflict | Brazil Indigenous Rights | Tree-planting in Berlin

By Staff

Our weekly roundup of stories you may have missed.

Armenians flee Artsakh after Azeri offensive

Thousands have fled from the breakaway Armenian region of Artsakh after a 24-hour military operation carried out by Azerbaijan last week that resulted in Armenian surrender. Residents of Artsakh have endured an Azeri blockade since late 2022, leading to severe shortages in food, medicine and other essentials. 25,000 people were forced from their homes during the offensive, and the future remains unclear for Armenians living in the region, who have faced decades of violence and oppression.

Brazil moves to protect Indigenous land rights

Brazil’s Supreme Court has ruled in favour of protecting Indigenous rights to ancestral lands. Following years of evictions, repression and legal battles against agribusiness lobbyists, the decision gives state endorsement to the land rights of the Xokleng people of Santa Catarina state and has been hailed as a pivotal victory that could reshape the state’s approach to land rights for the 1.6 million Indigenous people living in Brazil.

Crackdown on dissent in flood-hit Derna, Libya

In Derna, Libya, authorities have cracked down on dissent following protests over government mismanagement of the deadly flash floods that devastated the city earlier this month. New restrictions on journalists and aid workers have been imposed, and telecommunications suspended. Evidence is growing that the scale of the disaster could have been vastly reduced with proper warning and evacuations. The official death toll stands at 4000, with 9000 still missing and over 40,000 displaced.

Berlin Senate to plant 500,000 trees in Autumn

Berlin’s government has announced plans to plant 500,000 trees this Autumn in a bid to make the city’s forests more resistant to the impacts of the climate crisis. Since the launch of the mixed forest programme in 2012 four million trees have been planted, yet the condition and health of Berlin’s forests, which cover nearly 20% of the city, declined last year according to the annual Forest Condition Report. 

Iran tightens Hijab laws

Iran’s regime has approved a new law to tighten the country’s hijab laws. Under the new ‘hijab and chastity’ bill, women could face up to 10 years in prison for dress code violations. The law will also target those who speak out against the restrictions in public or online. 16 September was the first anniversary of the death of Mahsa Amini, who was killed by police after being arrested for wearing her headscarf incorrectly, triggering a six-month anti-government uprising across the country.

Moroccan Earthquake Relief event

Up to 2.8 million people have been affected and 3000 killed by the earthquake that struck Morocco on 8 September, the deadliest the country has seen since 1960. Those in Berlin can head to a fundraising event at Oyoun this Thursday, featuring spoken word performances, live music and DJ sets. Funds raised will be donated to Amal Women’s Training Center, who have started a relief fund to support those living in the most affected areas.

Protests in Ghana

Young people in Ghana took the the streets for three days of demonstration last week to protest against government corruption, unemployment and the rising cost of living in the country. 50 protesters, including some journalists, were arrested on the first day of demonstrations. Activists and politicians from the country’s main opposition party have condemned the use of excessive force by police in response to peaceful and lawful protests.

EU Tour - DJ workshops

Our European tour continues this week with a stop at our favourite local venue Arkaoda, before trips to London, Brussels, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and other cities to throw parties and run workshops next month. See the full list of upcoming dates and apply to take part in DJ workshops in all the cities we’re visiting.

This week on Weserstraße:

Tuesday: Natalie Robinson, Mehmet Aslan, Glaesha

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