Bungalovv is the electronic alternative music project led by Pablo Betas, a core member of the internationally acclaimed label Infinite Machine and one of the founders of Trrueno (AR). Since 2019, he has been based in Berlin, Germany.

His sound is the anchorage of middle eastern rhythms, African percussion, pre-Columbian instruments and Latin American shades. All these elements are articulated forming an experimental ecosystem where nocturnal, robotic and mechanical faunas coexist.

His most recent album on Infinite Machine is "Donde Hubo Fuego" (2020) which came after great international success with his first EP on the label called ‘Luz Mala’.

In 2023 he will have two further releases, one physical album pressed in vinyl on Genome 6.66Mbp (Shanghai) and another release for a performance show by Infinite Machine.

Bungalovv is also a co-founder of Trrueno (AR), a collective and label from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trrueno was born out of ten projects united by the common practice of using new technologies as a resource and means to expand the spectrum of aesthetic possibilities in the electronic and experimental music, performance and audiovisual scene.