Verlag Verlag | Rahina & Bungalovv


An evening radio show hosted by Berlin-based label Verlag. The musical intention is to bring together different worlds; from experimental to ambient, from academic to deconstructed electronic and so on, to have a contrast by bringing in artists from different backgrounds, but which feel interesting together. A casual but music-driven hang out.

Rahina is a Berlin-based DJ. They host a monthly show INKONSEQUENT at Retreat Radio (Sweden), to explore experimental pop and emotional electronics. As a full time daydreamer their secret pleasure is sound design - the DJing of mood settings and background music that plays under your skin.

Together with Simone Antonioni they founded VERLAG in 2019: A platform for music curation and multidisciplinary projects with a focus on sound, literature and fashion.

Bungalovv is the electronic alternative music project lead by Pablo Betas, a core member of the internationally acclaimed label Infinite Machine and also one of the founders of Trrueno (AR). The project was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but he is now based in Berlin, Germany since 2019.

His sound is the anchorage of deconstructive latin american rythms, middle eastern percussion, pre-columbian instruments and nostalgic melodies. All these elements are articulated forming an experimental ecosystem where nocturnal, robotic and mechanical faunas coexist.

On March 31th he will be releasing a physical album pressed in vinyl on Genome 6.66Mbp.