What's next? | Mykola Lebed & Paulina Żaczek

With Mykola Lebed, and Paulina Żaczek

A show in which two representatives of Eastern Europe scenes meet to talk about how a month of living together under one roof. Find out how the "What's next?" residency influenced them in the process of shifting attention from the outside world to their needs - both creative and health-related. There will be some of their favorite music, fresh tracks from Poland, Ukraine, and other countries of the region, and thoughts on how to take care of your internal wellbeing in today's dynamic world of culture. Expect cheesy jokes and no mixing skills.

The show is part of the "What’s next?" project that aims to foster creativity and courage within the cultural sector, and create space for reflection on new formats of residencies and cross-border collaboration. The residency is powered by zusa (Germany), MitOst (Germany), Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Romania), MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN (Austria), proto produkciia (Ukraine), Wrocław Institute of Culture (Poland), Creative Europe.