female:pressure | Virginia

With Virginia, and female:pressure

Virginia selects a mix of old and new, but all in a similar vein. Still a sucker for 90s music, she chose some house tracks she really loves.

It uplifted my mood mixing it in my sunny living room in portugal. My warm embrace of soothing & amazing music everyone who is enjoying the mix.


  • Maxine Alien (Disco Mix) - Alien

  • Boom Generation - Somefunkydrum 1991-1995 (PROXY01)

  • Look Like Giro Di Notte - Garden of Eden House

  • Trans-4M Dencity (Urban Tribe Mix) - Sublunar Oracles Remixes

  • Cosmic Garden On My Mind (Rhythm Of Paradise Mix) - Pleasure Moment

  • Rhythm 3 Request - Feel the Rhythm (Classic Mix) From the Pages of Our Minds

  • Joe T Vannelli - Oh Right Overnite, Vol. 1

  • Alinka Emotion 2 Emotion - Universal Motion EP

  • JMRB, DJ Mau Mau - Hell's Club EP

  • Brothers, Housey Doingz - Housey Doingz

  • ES-Q, Scenic Route - Dolly

  • Luca Lozano, Lean - Boss Moves 2:Welcome Back Running back

  • Baldo, Human Connection - Running Rack