Xav BP | Truants Radio

With Truants

Xavier Boucherat (Beauty Parlour) takes charge of July's Truants Radio. A year and a half out of the club means a mix of club-adjacent sounds, from ambient and experimental to computer music and rhythms from the limit. Featuring new music and lockdown favourites. Tracklist:

Susumu Hirasawa - Guts's Theme

L-Shape - Existential Imperative

Cam Deas and Jung an Tagen - That (yGrid/D#) (Second Woman Remix)

Hiro Kone - Nomad (ft. travis)

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub (Kinlaw remix ft. Dali de Saint Paul, Franco Franco & DJ Saisho)

foodman - Michi no Eki feat. Taigen Kawabe

Giant Claw - Mirror Guide pt. I

FUJI||||||||||TA - KŌMORI

Douglas Kearny & Val Jeanty - Sho

Florian T M Zeisig - Straining to Hear

HHY & The Kampala Unit - Lithium Blast

Jana Rush - Mynd Fuc

Zuli - Where Do You Go

STILL, ECKO BAZZ - Ntabala (Rolex Riddim)

Rian Trainor - Obstacle 3

Joe Howe - Vulcan Airwalk

Fire-Toolz - Shenpa Indicator Light!!!



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