With Tommie O

This show is the first of a new radio series. Planet Desire deals with Tommie O’s long investment in studying ways to heal the feminine. Following her meticulous sound collages aimed at provoking collective catharsis through exorcising negativity from traumas stemming from rape and general breach of consent; She is now embarking in a more soothed adventure in this show with the intention to bring a bright view on the future of feminine powers. Besides works telling stories of connection and emotional narratives, enjoy listening to diverse voices giving clues on how to re-empower female pleasure, reclaiming emotional and sexual power and re-define the power of the erotic as a present from the internal to the external.

This hour is dedicated to burning desire and the frequency of love resisting the external reality and it’s authority, especially surrounding times like Christmas, when Capitalism and white supremacy thrive at reminding us the backward nature of our systems. Beside my productions, savour music from Crave, Catnapp, Jevetta Steele and Amazinggaijin and hear wise and progressive words from Monique Ruffin and her guest Gabriella Zaliva that I sampled from her youtube channel. I highly recommend to check, she posts everyday and her insights and knowledge are crucial to spread in times like now.


Tommie O