The Somatics of Care

With Care

How do we transform sustainably towards a future in which we already belong? How do we build a present that looks like the future we are dreaming of? How do we imagine and create new ways of being, and relating, while abolishing the old?

This show is for the abolitionists, the anarchists, the rebels, the misfits, the lovers, the perverts, and the mad, who see the beauty of this world and believe in our ability to co-create something much better.

We’ll talk somatics, abolition, Transformative Justice, repair, accountability, ancestral healing, joy, pleasure, sex, and more, all in one show.

Care is a Black trans non-binary somatic and transformative justice practitioner, artist, and doula, who works on remembering embodied experiences of awe, connection, miracles & care. Their work blooms at the intersection of Black interiority, somatic memory, and queer intimacies. Instagram: @selflove_tribute