Care (they/them) is a light-skinned Black trans non-binary abolitionist care practitioner, artist & doula who works on remembering embodied experiences of awe, connection, miracles & care. Their work blooms at the intersection of Black interiority, somatic memory, and queer intimacies. 

Always reflecting on their longing for home and belonging, they create rituals & ceremonies as portals through which displaced people can step into a healing, imaginative space unburdened by colonialism's many acts of violence.

Their practice draws from ancestral knowledge and seeks to re-enact and/or recreate rituals. It is grounded in an intimate relationship with the land, ancestors, Spirit, the Elements & the more than human.

Care studies and professionally practices astrology, tarot, Reiki, hypnosis, somatics, Transformative Justice, and doula work in Berlin, Germany. They recently founded the first BIPOC-centered TJ group in Berlin.