The Naked Reviews Presents Smash Hits From My Phat Films | Ncube

With Ncube

We are playing bewitching music from my three feature films, shorts and music videos! Yes, for the first time ever, my favourite tracks from my Pictures, back-to-back. Do you dare to dance? Or do you dare to half-listen? You're the Captain of your Ship, and we are your First Mate.

Please note that this show features 2 members of my family. My sister Fliss (who is the live act of Mura Masa), my brother JJ the Great (a bombastic rapper), and the last song is a tribute to Patience, a most beloved family member who is no longer with us. It’s an original composition with lyrics by me (Ncube), vocals by Nico Wallace and production / instrumentation / arrangement by Nanaco.

Finally, consider a drinking game. Every time you hear the word “talented...” have a shot, on us!

The photo of me pointing at you, you & you, dear listeners, is courtesy of @Djuniverse via Instagram.