State(s) Capture(d) Mixtape(s) with Nombuso

With State(s) Capture(d) Mixtapes, and Nombuso

Episode 3 of State(s) Capture(d) Mixtapes is once again a feast for ears and mind. The inspirational Nombuso shares what it is like turning the tables: being a passionate Vinyl collector and DJ as well as being in that “strictly-boys club”. Together with the hosts, duma_ma and jess2empress they explore how music travels even before the internet was a thing, connected through a sort of collective subconscious, the accessibility of sound recording technology, musics quality of being incorporeality transcends linear time and history. It then becomes about movement and community building, rather than a fetish of commodification of artistic practices. Embracing complexity and multi-dimensionality is the mantra of this episode.