Spiral Times: Reflections / In My Room | BB

With BB

How was 2022 4 U? As we chew the nub end of another disturbing year it’s good practice to look back before we look forward. So let's reflect with some at-home group therapy to banish our collective badmind. We dissect the best listener-contributed responses to:

  • What do you know now that you didn't know in January?

  • Best meal you ate in 2022?

  • Best night out?

  • Biggest or silliest mistake you made this year?

  • Your top flavour of 2022?

  • Favourite song you heard for the first time (we play the best ones)

  • Discovery of the year?

  • What personal obsessions did you dig way deeper into in 2022?

  • What or who disgusted you the most this year?

  • What are we saying NO to in 2023?

Sound selections this month on a theme of sitting in your(my) bedroom. Category is: cosmic afters, zuhause soothers, soulful shut-in vibe. Let’s stay home and lose our minds.