Spiral Times meets Sükûn | BB

With BB

If you’ve ever shuddered with pleasure next to a speaker stack you know sound can have remarkable effects on our bodies. But what's that tune doing on a... cellular level?

BB has a special conversation with sound healing practitioner Nigâr about tuning forks and the magic of frequencies. A classically trained musician since the age of 4, Nigâr has a unique sound and pendulum healing practice, Sükûn (meaning silence or stillness.) She merges her affinity for design and mathematics with experience as a social worker and her studies specialising in substance use disorders and addictive behaviours. She founded Sükûn to merge her three passions: healing, the arts and frequencies and to create an open inclusive and safe space for honouring them. Come dig into this magical world, learn how sound acts on and in the body, and revel in a selection of cute escapist cuts to keep you buoyant through these greyer times.