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Sounds of Sumud is the first in a series on life and struggle in the Occupied West Bank as told through music, songs and Palestinian voices from the grassroots cultural centers run by and for refugee communities, On this show we're in and around Bethlehem with Milad Al Hayek of Dheisheh Refugee Camp's Ibda'a Center, Lubnah Shomali, Unit Head at BADIL, the Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights, and Tia Odeh, a formidable young woman who dances dabke with a group based in the Lajee Center in Aida Refugee Camp. As you'll hear, sumud, or steadfastness, is a core value, a strategic framework and a way of being, existing and thus resisting. Thank you for listening.

Interviewees: Tia Odeh, Milad Al Hayek, Lubnah Shomali


  • Riad Awwad, Mahmoud Darwish - Intifada

  • Checkpoint 303 - Gaza 2015 (Sumud Remix)

  • El-Funoun Dance Troupe - Take Me to Palestine

  • Live Recording of Lajee Music Group

  • Sabreen - Khayyal El-Mzaghirtat

  • El-Funoun Dance Troupe - Dignity

  • Sabreen - Improvisation on Moondance

  • El-Funoun - Traditional Wedding Medley

  • Shafiq Kabha - Al-Hajjalah

  • DAM - Emta Njawzak Yama

  • Yazan Hamdan - Ammi Abu al-Bar

  • Ali Mustafa Brigades - Red Banner is Raised

  • Issam Hajali - Khobs

  • Song for Salah Ajarma

  • Al Fajer - 3an al Umniyat

  • Checkpoint 303 - Fragments of Palestine (Juliano Mer Khamis)

  • Zeinab Shaath - The Urgent Call of Palestine

  • Sabreen - Love on the Palestinian Way Other Voices from ‘Revolution Until Victory’ 1973 Newsreel (Cine News)

All other sounds recorded in Nablus, Jenin, Ramallah, Mar Saba, Bethlehem, Al-Khalil, Masafer Yatta and Jerusalem, Palestine - August 2022