Shaping Dance Floors, Locally | HKW

With Sedef Adasi, Transmission, and Sarj

Club culture is a global phenomenon, but usually only a few centers are in the focus of general perceptions. What challenges do protagonists face away from the big cities? What conditions shape dance floors and their social contexts there? In Shaping Dance Floors, Locally, organizers and club activists from small German towns talk about how they create space for dance and dialogue in their specific contexts and thus continue to work on the large, common project of a politics of dance floors.

Sedef Adasi

is a DJ and producer with residencies at Munich’s Blitz club and Berlin’s Panorama Bar. In her hometown of Augsburg, she hosts Hamam Nights, an event series that has earned her a reputation for fostering local communities. Inviting a broad range of international nightlife protagonists to Augsburg gives Sedef Adasi the opportunity not only to support regional structures, but to bring the Hamam mindset of inclusivity and hospitality to places across the globe. Gîn Bali

is a musician, DJ, producer, and promoter based in Wuppertal. There, she co-founded the Yaya Amalopa association and, since 2019, runs the Yaya event series. Their sound is mainly influenced by her classical training as a guitarist, growing up with R'n'B, HipHop, and Rock, and living in a world they might not really belong to. Gîn Bali feels gender-unbound and loves to play genre-unbound. Ra-min

is a DJ based in Leipzig who hosts the Music Of Color Morning Show on Radio Blau, which airs weekly every Saturday morning. The goal of his music selection is to completely dissolve genre boundaries, which is also the aim of the gatherings Ra-min organises with the other members of the Music Of Color Crew. The collective envisions itself at the intersection of the creative and arts scene, a social movement, and the public, bringing the different fields together at their dances and community events. Ulrike Schell

is a freelance artist and graphic designer living in Chemnitz. She has worked for Atomino Club in various capacities, including as a bar tender and awareness person, and now looks after social media and the club’s aesthetic identity. She is a member of the Atomino association and is currently working on opening a new space for the club in the Wirkbau complex in Chemnitz.

Narration: Sarj Lynch, production and editing: Julia Vorkefeld, interviews and script: Arno Raffeiner

Curated by Transmission (Sarah Farina and Kerstin Meißner)