Shades Of Oshu | Àbáse & Ziggy Zeitgeist

With Àbáse, and Ziggy Zeitgeist

From the epicenter of the buzzing multicultural scene of Berlin, Hungarian born Àbáse and Australian Ziggy Zeitgeist are bringing an eclectic selection of records from around the globe, always at the forefront of experimentation. Musical treasures of the past, fresh releases from the core of todays emerging creative communities, future bangers through unreleased studio and live recordings from their own and their crews vaults. From jazz to fusion, traditional, hip hop, experimental, acoustic and electronic, for meditative or dance floor purposes. Always searching for new ways of expression and pushing boundaries, the duo is set to represent exciting, genre defining and obscure subcultures through digital and vinyl mixes, guest DJ’s from around the world and interviews with fellow artists and creatives.