From One Extreme To The Other

With S(GBA)

From one extreme to the other brought to you by artist and independent curator SGBA (Endémico/NSNS/by_studio_e)

The last tone has not faded yet, too soon you find yourself back. But things are not as they used to be. In chaos.

Identity politics, people stuck in a war zone all broadcasted on TV screens, cybercrimes and hierarchies that weaken democratic systems, social incomprehension, a globe building a new status quo. Fast moving focal points, conversations, importances fast forwarded, distorted, noisy. Listen for yourself to an opaque mash of extremes, installed as a mix. Change as the whiteness in this process.


  • Frank Ocean - Godspeed (Lyrics interpreted SGBA)

  • Blackhaine - Richie Culver - DID U CUM YET

  • Arca - Nonbinary

  • Byetone - Plastic Star (Sleeparchive Remix)

  • Snakepiss - Blaze

  • Blawan - Silver

  • Powell - So we went electric

  • Myriam Leroy, Florence Hainaut - Dreckshure/#salepute Film (2021) Arte (Recorded Part)

  • Gunnar Haslam - Bera Range

  • Object blue - Cordelia's call to arms

  • Downstairs J - Solid Air City

  • Teamm Jordann - Champion LP - 13 2nd Internet™​ Protocol

  • James K - Everyrose

  • Madonna Frozen (SGBA Spoken Word Interpretation)

  • Chet Baker - Almost Blue (E. Costello)