Radio Calais | Resistance, Raids & Rafah

With Radio Calais

Rwanda, Rafah and Resistance. If you’ve been on the planet this month, you could guess what is coming up.

Please stay with us for a different version of these events. Activist analysis, information for action. So we can all stand together on the right side of history.

Our regular Calais update is from Mobile Refugee Support, where Nik spent a month in their warehouse and on their distros. This is Radio Calais’s first segment.

Then we talk about the Rwanda Act and talk to a hard-working activist and Care4Calais Coordinator. And last Rafah: Nik’s commentary from France. Resistance runs through it all.


  • Khalab & M'berra Ensemble - Reste À L'Ombre

  • KOKOKO! - Mokili

  • Guru & MC Solaar - Le Bien, Le Mal

  • Raspigaous - Lache Lache Rien

  • Tagore Chayne - Dancing Hands

  • Alice Russel - Citizens

  • Sevdaliza - Rhode

  • J Felix - Future (Are We Living) ft. Sol Goodman

  • SHIMZ 343 & SHEIVA - Calm Before the Storm

  • Hypsoline - Space Babe