Ravers Dateline | Ani Innocent & Kenzzza

With Ani Innocent

Ani Innocent presents the Ravers Dateline! Inspired by a pirate radio advert, the show encourages you to show some love to your fellow ravers and share your greatest nighttime stories. Each show features a date, AKA an artist that we admire and want to showcase, all in the field of under-the-radar electronic music.

From heady and sentient pads to obsessive chopped-up breaks, Kenzzza transforms the club into a place of meditation, where rhythm never takes precedence over thought. Either through experimental pop, stripped out dancehall or obsessive arpegiatted lullabies, her sound curation is always heartfelt. Kenzzza works with the Paris-based all-girl collective Écoute Meuf and hosts a monthly residency on famous-yet-underground Radio Flouka. She does it all, from the streets of Beirut to the last hours of any Parisian night.