PoC with Kasimyn

With PoC, and Kasimyn

PoC: Point of Care, Proof of Concept, Protagonist of Color, Port of Call, Point of Contact Monthly, diasporalicious radio show talking about code switching, care, Asia and its discontents, hybrids, intersectional comedies / dramas and the feasibility of necessary new forms. Special selectors, guests and collectives will be invited on to share new work, music, ideas and conversation.

For this show, Kasimyn from Gabber Modus Operandi shares a few tracks from the 30-year history of microtonal precedents for hard dance music in and around Bali.

Catch Kasimyn at RSO Berlin 28.05 and at the CTM closing concert with Gabber Modus Operandi on 29.05.


PoC, and Kasimyn