KASIMYN is one-half of Gabber Modus Operandi – the Bali-based duo that jumped to the forefront of the Southeast Asian underground in 2018. As with GMO's incendiary blend of modern and traditional/ritualistic sounds, Kasimyn's solo work also drives Indonesian music to new extremes. He mixes Indonesian harmonic scales (such as pelog and slendro) with modern contemporary dance music. With GMO, Kasimyn has headlined CTM Festival 2019 in Berghain, sharing production space with TSVI, Sote, 700bliss, Anastasia Kristensen, Gazelle Twin, Slikback, Croatian Amor, and more. As a solo DJ, he closed the festival alongside Nyege-nyege crew, Dis Fig, and Yves Tumor, generating some major epic fun. On tour in Europe and Asia he has shared decks with Nkisi, Tzusing and Apparat. He has also been featured in Boiler Room’s »Pure Rave« article and contributed a mix for their Global Hard Dance Mix no 9. In Bali, Kasimyn is the founder of both Banjar Campout – a family-orientated nature seeker’s rave camp that celebrates local talent – and Rekam Jejak, a small collective that presents fresh ideas from Indonesia’s contemporary music scene, who have featured artists like Senyawa and Filastine. Besides holding a regular job as music director/resident DJ for Metis, one of the finest lounges in Bali, he is also researching the Indonesian harmonic scales pelog and slendro, tracing them within Southeast Asian music and incorporating them with modern contemporary dance music. Photo by Alexandra Ilkivova