Planetary Embodiment: Being All Ears | Luïza Luz, fungal9669 & __O R S H I

With Luïza Luz, fungal9669, and __O R S H I

From the classrooms to the radio, Planetary Embodiment beams quantum love frequencies to all ears 4 a healing planet. Delving into unnoticed details, activating all senses, breaking silences, and giving space to sink in: from hearing to tasting, from sensing to feeling, from bottom to top, side-to-side, sonically bounced, simultaneously, from the past, present, and futures. Beyond the surfaces. Beyond the end of this world.

This session is a sneak peek of the book "Planetary Embodiment: Cooking with Words for Systemic Change and Solidarity." Join them for the launch at Hopscotch Reading Room on September 9th at 19:19.