Nathan Kofi | Guest Mix

With Nathan Kofi

Obviously my year has been as shitty as yours. Pretty weird to experience a unison-collective shitty experience of the world. However, on top of the repercussion of the pandemic a bunch of personal conflicts came to the surface these last months and also significantly had an impact on my listing preference and thus music experience. Since club culture has basically died, it made way to explore untouched and previous touched music genres and artist from the past. This 1-hour mix reflects all of the above. A sonic journey through pain, suffering, ups and down but primarily a hour filled with a renewed fresh breath of air that i was longing for for a while. New expressions and new experimentations that I long neglected when the industry was booming. So enjoy a different face of mine xxx Nathan Kofi

A Curious End - Ishi Vu

6PM Breakfast - Mister Water Wet & Monkey20

Wild Woods - Tomu DJ

To Nocturnal Fellows - Yolabmi

Grace - The Soft Pink Truth

Nico - Waves - One Song

Acostados - DJ Pyton

Guide You - Toni - True Beauty

Boxes - Moses Sumney

La Luz Blue18 - Ishi Vu

Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out - Kelsey Lu, Yves Tumor, Kelly Moran, Moses Boyd.

No Longer - Happa

Slim94 - DJ Haydn

Deeper and Deeper - Coco Bryce

Lonely Hearts Club - Dreamcast 

Life Lessons from Amber Mama - Tobe Nwigwe

Life's A Funny Place (Heaven Verse) - Mister Water Wet & Monkey20

Wiil Age - Eureka!

Gathering - Healion

Tranquil Lust Mommy - Maara

The Nile - A Guy Called Gerald

7038634357 - Sugar Armor

Lord You're Holy Ballin' - Kanye West Sunday Service 

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