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The Naked Reviews by Ncube is a magazine show, focusing on the intersectionality of three of their favourite industries: film, TV and music. Of course, via the medium of Radio! Another one they consider as essential as breathing the freshest air. Ala, Fresh Air. No, this show’s grittier though.

So join them as they banter, drop bombs or duds, or act the fool, on this inaugural show with some surprise guests.

The theme is... A.I. and Cinema. The best & most rotten movies about Artificial Intelligence!

Debate: What're we missing about A.I. in the worlds of Film, TV and Music?

Songs of the Future: Songs an A. I. cannot come up with... “because they break the rules, and no one can say just how they came to existence! Unquantifiable brilliance.”

Plus pop cultural highlights round-up from their unique perspective: happenings you missed because you blinked at the wrong time!

Lastly, as always, an Interview with Ncube. This is where the Guest(s) asks the Hxst questions regarding their own work and critique whichever one(s) they want. Careful now, things might get heated. Ncube sometimes finds it hard to take criticism. A source of entertainment perhaps. Tune in, for a potential dosage of schadenfreude. Tempting, right?

“Willkommen, Visionaries.”

Image (c) @djunestagram @malelevision