The Move78 Show

With Aver

The Move 78 Show is fortnightly celebration of independent jazz and hip-hop. The show takes the form of a two-hour mixtape, smashing together new music with heavy drum breaks and obscure samples, spliced with interviews and features, before it is all overlayed with improvised instrumentation by your new favourite jazz band. Expect exclusive material and remixes, trippy soundscapes, as well as live jams session once the old Rona has fucked off and we can all legally be in a room together!

Move 78 - Intro 

Coastal County - Mirage Hour II

Kamaal Williams - New Heights

Move 78 - Faye 

Makaya McCraven - Holy Lands

Jazz T & Lee Scott - Ceiling

Aver - Breakfast in Dystopia

Aver - The Future is Orange

Coastal County - Laguna Daniela

Strange U - Shots

Mr. Slipz - Iron Grip [Freestyle]

Move 78 - Middling

Move 78 - Daisies

Air - Mr. Man

Doug Carn - Freedom at Sunset

Kamaal Williams - Toulouse

Irreversible Entanglements - Fireworks [Move 78 Remix]

Bastien Keb x Cappo - Fit Rare

Placebo -  Aria

Coastal County - Supra Natural

Remulak x Cappo - Karma

Omas - Poynton Post

Evil Ed - Waterbeach Beat

Meridian Fold - Lungo Il Po Di Volano

Aver - Den Ersten Atemzug

Micall Parknsun & Mr. Thing - Primitive 

D' Lyfa Reilly - Silent Riot 

Micall Parknsun & Mr. Thing ft. M9 - 8 Bricks

Kuartz & Pique Roscoe ft. Statik - East Crompton

Ded Tebiase X Ash The Author - Transmit

Cappo & Cyrus Malachi - True Spill

Benaddict, Slim & Ella Mae Sueref - Home

Doron Segal - Screaming Forest

Aver - The Windmill

Doron Segal -  Breaking Habits



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