Mixtape Menage | Eiliyas & Tony Patrick

With Eiliyas

Mixtape Menage is a show dedicated to getting to know creators and cultural facilitators through their music collection. In this episode, we have worldbuilder, social practice artist, comics creator, and immersive director Tony Patrick.

Patrick is a Sundance Institute World-building Fellow, 2021 Sundance Film Festival New Frontier Artist, IFP/RYOT 5G Storytelling Alum, Guild of Future Architects Founding Member, NYU ITP & IMA Professor, NYU Future Imagination Collaboratory Fellow, NYU Red Burns Fellow, CommonField Fellow, NEW INC alum, For Freedoms Artist, Wide Awakes Founding Member, Buckminster Fuller Institute Design Science Studio Advisor/Mentor, RLAB Mentor, Today@Apple NYC Youth Program Mentor, Futurist Writers Room Co-Designer, and Restoring the Future Co-Designer. Patrick attended the Dramatic Writing Program at New York University.

As an author/director of numerous screenplays, short films, and documentaries (HBO, Cinemax, and the CBC) in conjunction with a series of published comics under his belt (Batman & The Signal, X'ed), Tony's penchant for creating fictional and immersive worlds catapulted him into numerous future-facing residencies and served as the inspiration for sculpting co-creation spaces which produce new artworks, prototypes, frameworks, and civic solutions in his Community-World-building initiative (the ReWriters Room) with artists, entrepreneurs, institutions, and communities-at-large.