Sonic Utopias | MINQ


Sonic Utopias, hosted by MINQ, is an audio-diary of their on-going research project that shares the same name. The project aims to decolonize somatics and explore and develop a sonic-somatic practice for Queer and Trans Black and Brown people that helps them connect more deeply to their mind and body, and group members to one another to explore new modes of internal and interpersonal connection, movement and performance. Pauline Oliveros’ work on “Deep Listening” is at the foundation of the research. 

The radio show will be filled with MINQ’s latest findings, inspiration and creations. The show also acts as their version of Batman’s Bat Signal in hopes to connect with like-minded individuals or people who have knowledge, skills and/or information they think is useful for the research. 

Fall into the Vibe ~ 

Artwork by Derek MF di Fabio