Love On The Rocks | GNMR

With Love On The Rocks

Love On The Rocks invites special guest GNMR.

GNMR is a DJ, Producer, A&R. He grows up in a musical environment, with art and culture at the basis of his education. His love for music grows since the early days making him become a musically sensitive individual and teaching him to manipulate sound in all its forms.Listening to a limitless range of genres from an early age transforms him into a versatile DJ, able to adapt to any type of musical environment and audience, always willing to make the most of his passion for the art of DJing. He combines his profession as a DJ with a career as a producer, developing both disciplines with his stage name, with which he’s recognised in the music industry: GNMR.

His productions entail an accurate musical research, bringing together expertise for various arrangement techniques, using both analog and digital gear, with a striking taste and an innate feeling for the ‘Groove’. After releasing music for various prominent labels he decides -in 2022- to launch his own imprint called Dubblack, which becomes an emanation of his experimental spirit as musician, listener, A&R and wherewith he wants to forge a dark, mysterious, different sound without any genre limit. He is represented by the Berlin based agency Roof Booking.