Listening Bodies | Ogutu Muraya (Kenya)

With Listening Bodies

Based in Nairobi, Ogutu Muraya is a novelist and playwright whose work is embedded in a "practice of storytelling". He studies international relations at the United States International University-Africa in Nairobi/Kenya and graduated from the Academy for Theater and Dance at the University of the Arts in Amsterdam/Netherlands in 2016. Ogutu Muraya has published in several magazines. His art searches for new forms of storytelling in which socio-political aspects merge with the belief that art is an important catalyst for questioning inescapable facts. His performative works and storytelling are shown internationally.

In the podcast he talks about his journey into storytelling and writing in Kenya after the violence that followed the 2007 election. We hear an artist questioning his life and listen to stories that shape his work. We also find out who he has been collaborating with for a long time and what joy he currently has in making his work tangible in various media.