Listening Bodies | Julie Iarisoa (Madagascar)

With Listening Bodies

Julie Iarisoa is a choreographer and dancer who lives and works in Antananarivo, but also tours a lot outside Madagascar. She directs the company Anjorombala and the dance studio Maray. She is also the initiator of various international encounter programmes and co-founder of the Evasion Danse festival. Her dance style combines contemporary dance, urban dance and elements of traditional dance. Most recently, she developed her own dance, Danse Maray, which she now teaches in workshops.

In the podcast, Julie Iarisoa shares how she fights for her place in the dance world as a girl and a woman, how she is strongly influenced by her grandmother's ritual dance and how dance created her independence and became an acknowledged free space in a patriarchal society. Together we roam with her through the different phases of her work and see how dance connects people and can be an amalgam of controversial positions and views in everyday life.