Listening Bodies | Edna Jaime (Mozambique)

With Listening Bodies

Edna Jaime is a Mozambican performer and choreographer based in Maputo. She has extensive training in traditional dance and singing as well as knowledge and practice in contemporary dance. She danced in national companies and travelled to different regions of Mozambique throughout her youth and early professional years. Today she tours internationally as a solo dancer and with her own choreographic works. In 2021 she founded KHANI KHEDI, Soluções Artísticas, an artistic-social project that aims to contribute to changing given socio-cultural realities.

In the podcast, we learn how her parental home shaped her in terms of gender roles and the importance of traditional dance and traditional music for her career. We learn how, as a mother, she keeps finding new ways to advance her professional career and what the Mozambique dance family does to find audiences and continue to develop.