liquidtime for Palestine | CCL

With CCL

Liquidtime shows support for Palestinian liberation in the face of genocide and apartheid.

The show features music from Palestinian artists I met through Exist Festival and the remarkable founder, friend, and artist Oddz (Rest in Power).

Music from: Sainte Marina, Osloob, Muqata’a, Oddz, dirar kalash, Arabian Panther, Oldyungman, Kujo, asifeh, and speech from Sun of Nun from 2000.

Actions you can take:

JOIN upcoming solidarity demonstrations in your area

SUPPORT the people most impacted in your communities

FOLLOW Palestine Speaks, Jewish Voice for Peace, Jüdische Stimme

DONATE TO PCRF Organization that provides aid directly in Gaza (although currently the aid is blocked by Israel)

DONATE TO fundraiser to support legal aid for free speech and solidary actions in Europe (Goes to ELSC and Palästina Kampagne)

SIGN petition against the genocide (DE)

SEND AN EMAIL to the Gov in DE, NL, UK, NL, BE