Lady of the House

With Lady of the House

Lady of the House team and Elena Persaud, project manager at Lady of the House discuss the latest book release 'Lady of the House' - a collection of interviews and never-seen-before pictures to tell the tale of the incredible women that made the dance scene what it is today. The Lady of the House team will be discussing dance music, empowerment and will be playing some of their all-time favourite dance music tracks, inviting some iconic women featured in the book to discuss reflections on their journey in music.

Guests include:

  • George Flemming - Save Our Scene

  • Barbara Tucker - House Diva, vocalist

  • Elisa Elisa - House music artist

  • Sam Divine - Defected

  • Jaguar - Radio presenter/DJ

  • Laila McKenzie: Co-author of Lady of the House book, music & events industry expert, promoter, DEI consultant & events manager with 18 years experience working on live music events.

  • The Yard Woman: Techno DJ/Producer - The Yard Woman is excited by all things groovy, melodic and mystical. After years of clubbing in Bristol she wanted to transfer some of that Bristol 'energy' into her own productions.