In A Land Of Dance | Luce Clandestina

With Luce Clandestina

Emiliano Comollo invites Luce Clandestina who will guide us on this second journey through the lands of dance.

Alessia Li Causi is an Italian DJ and designer based in Turin - Italy. Under the alias Luce Clandestina she aspires to create out-of-the-box imaginations that float between glow and darkness. Her DJ sets include psychedelic rhythms, hypnotic, and experimental techno, reflecting her interest in a more inward-looking and mental dance experience. Part of the label Details Sound and curator of the festival/collective CULTO, she hosts the monthly show "Vago Spazio del Ritmo" on Radio Raheem. She is also a resident of Turin's “La Notte” party at Bunker.