Hildegard | Partisan Records

With Hildegard

This month, the Partisan Records show is taken over by section1, and presented by Hildegard. Hildegard is the new project from experimental singer-songwriter Helena Deland (Luminelle Recordings) and multi-instrumentalist and producer Ouri (Ourielle Auvé - Ghostly International). On their self-titled debut album, which is out on June 4th 2021, Deland’s folk background balances against Ouri’s world of electronic and dance music. Over eight days in a studio, the Montreal-based musicians discovered an innate creative connection, building and bouncing ideas off of one another, developing an intuitive approach to composition and sound. Hildegard is the first signing to new label section1 - a brand new label born in 2021, a joint venture between Partisan Records and friends. Ellie from Partisan Records hosts a monthly show on Refuge Worldwide, so stay tuned to hear more exclusive news, sessions and mixes from the label and its artists.