Nautilus Toy Tonics

With Friedrich Raphael

Friedrich Raphael is a young DJ and producer born and raised in Berlin. He started producing his own music in 2015 and discovered his passion for DJ-ing in 2016. Since then, he had a stellar career in Berlin and abroad with many gigs and appearances in podcasts and performances. In the year 2020 he release his music on two labels. The Fruit Salad Ep on theBasement Discos from Valencia and the Koi Ep on Petra Recordings from Istanbul. Over the time, Friedrich Raphael adopted house and disco vibes and combined them with elements of funk, jazz, Brazilian and African music. His signature is to sample and re-use 'crunchy' disco-edits. His music goes more and more into a tropical direction and builds up a relaxed atmosphere in clubs like Griessmuehle, About Blank, Watergate, Prince Charles, Paloma Bar and many more. In the club, Friedrich's motto is: 'Palm tree vibes everywhere!'