Fiestuki Mexa | DJ Putilla

With Fiestuki

Fiestuki Mexa takeover. For this edition in Refuge Worldwide we are bringing Djs from different cities of Mexico to showcase their music in an all day broadcast.

Dj Putilla is one of the many personas of Fernando Callico. Radio Host, Promoter and Dj. He was born in the state of Veracruz, an ever changing place which influenced his taste and approach to music. A mixture of cultures and living near one of the most important ports in Mexico helped Fernando discover and shape his sound. Dj Putilla had his CDMX debut at Dinamarca's Staycore party. He also has been an active presence in the queer community in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Berlin with his own party: Fiestuki. His style blends music genres like ambient, baile funk, dembow, jungleton, reggaeton, jersey club, guaracha, Latin club and many more. His sets are non-conforming and dynamic.