female:pressure | Residency

With female:pressure

“About this time back in the late ’90s, in our playgrounds and party’s; we were listening to a mixture of Bass Music melting with Eurodance, Hip Hop, Dancehall, House, and D&B! We arranged this time travel with some fresh records from Tammy Lakkis & Portage Garage Sound, Sky Deep, Soulection, Leonce, Bambii, Anz, Joyce Muniz, Danielle Arielli & ToofLez Muzik, also enhancing this massive homage to the Artist “Sweet Pussy Pauline” wit “ Work that Remix “ by JPEG.LOVE & DJ FUCKS HIMSELF!  Enjoy it Loud!”

Paulinhx [pawlˈiɲks] is a selecta and musician from Euskal Herria / Gasconha living in Neukölln in the city of Berlin.

Their musical history reflects back from their teenage activism years through the experience of playing as rhythm guitarist in a local music band with antifascist statements. Being part of the Son'Art Concert Club, Organ’ Phantom prod., Echo A Venir Festival Team in Bordeaux, Les Siestes Electroniques in Toulouse and the last but not the least, standing with the Maracujá collective in Berlin and most lately Spoon DJ Workspace and Female:Pressure network.

Paulinhx ‘s archives and data-collection, cosmic-networks, and musical interests are based on alternative forms of living together and fundamental concerns for our planet. Through their sonic tools of political resonance and feminist voices of poetical actions -they are engaged with, Paulinhx invites you for time travels in shared spaces as the continuum of promising a musical humanity.