Everything is Everything | Annett Scheffel & Julia Friese

With Creative Studios, Annett Scheffel, and Julia Friese

What’s the second best thing about music? Talking about it with likeminded music lovers! »Everything is everything« is a show dedicated to deep conversations about the music that we feel passionate about and about the personal connections. Both me and my guest will both bring songs to the radio booth that we feel strongly about in one way or the other. We’ll listen together and we’ll talk about them, about all the emotions, connected biographical moments and cultural implications, about the personal and political, about the small details and the big picture. Zooming in, zooming out. Because the personal is political. What do these songs tell about us and about the world that we live in? And how is it all connected? Two music lovers in conversation. And the music that made us.

This show was produced in collaboration with Creative Studios Berlin.