Double Dancer & DJ Omega III

With Double Dancer, and DJ Omega III

1st hour - Double Dancer

  • Jex Opolis - Soft Guidance (Insomnia Mix)

  • Maia Lee - Less But Better

  • Gensi - Humble Brush

  • Jerome Hill - Knock Knock

  • Epsilon Nine - Life Formation

  • Breaka - Mass Gathering

  • Wave Particle Singularity - Self Control (M4A4 Remix)

  • Splonie - Come Through

  • Adam Pits - Cluster Funk

  • Chez Damier & Stacy Pullen - Forever Mona (Chez & Trent rmx)

2nd hour - DJ Omega III - Barcelona '92 Dream Team Mix Tape "This is a mix CD I recorded in 1992 and sent in the post to the offices of Chuck Daly, coach of the original Dream Team. In a letter that accompanied the CDR, I suggested it would be perfect to play during training sessions to motivate the finest group of basketball players ever assembled, selected to compete in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. It contains uptempo rap tracks from the USA and the UK inspired by the majestic play of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley et al. I never found out if he played the CD to the team, but he returned an NBA HOOPS basketball card signed as I'd requested. Thanks Chuck!"

  • DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Higher Baby

  • Eric B & Rakim - No Omega

  • Big Daddy Kane - Another Victory

  • Queen Latifah - Dance For Me (Ultimatum Remix)

  • Jungle Brothers - Tribe Vibes

  • De La Soul - Me Myself & I

  • A Tribe Called Quest - Public Enemy (Saturday Night Virus Discomix)

  • LL Cool J - Illegal Search

  • Kool G Rap - Men At Work

  • Kid 'N Play - Show 'Em How It's Done

  • Beastie Boys - Egg Man

  • Young MC - Know How

  • Nightmares On Wax - Mega Donutz

  • Unique 3 - Musical Melody

  • Son of Noise - Funk Meets Son of Noise

  • DJ Mink - Can U Relate?