Diaspora | Amadeus Joseph

With Amadeus Joseph

This show describes the Colombia Tour ZorenLo and Amadeus Joseph aka ICA did in January and February of 2023. A spiritual and musical journey to connect with the land, the nature and its rhythms from Santa Marta to Valle del Cauca. 

zorenLo is a Colombian-American DJ, Producer, Promoter and multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. Perhaps best known for his residency at Bossa Nova Civic Club, his party “Rollup” has become a mainstay for Bushwick’s most open-minded and adventurous clubgoers since it was founded in 2018. He just wrapped up his Colombia-tour, playing in some of the country’s most important and iconic venues such as @videoclubx & @madradio.co, as well as debuting Rollup internationally with a new residency at @espaciokb. When it returns stateside, Rollup will continue its ascension by featuring the top names in Latin club music, with eclectic combinations of local and international talent.

As a producer, he has prominent releases on labels throughout Europe and the US, with two recent highlights being on NYC’s own @sorry_records and @lovelessrecordsbk. zorenLo’s dynamic sound is heavily influenced by his cultural roots, playfully fusing reggaeton/dembow and other Latin music with techno and club rhythms - always looking to do what hasn’t been done before musically to bring any crowd to a frenzy.