Cosmic Healing | Azra Ella & Eric Anguer

With Azra Ella, and Eric Anguer

Music is a catalyst of emotions. Our well-being and mental health are deeply connected to the noise life surrounds us with. If you stay in a mood too long, it affects your mental state and brings your neurotransmitters out of equilibrium. A story that channels various emotions has the ability to penetrate into the depths of your subconscious, having a healing effect on the body and providing a sense of quiet in a gentrifying late-capitalist dystopian city.

"Cosmic Healing" is a journey through music accumulated for times of hardship. This show highlights tracks that inspired the early '90s and '00s club music. There is a strong emphasis on music with an ethereal vibe and an overall soothing undertone.

Azra Ella is currently fundraising for her Facial Feminization surgery. If you are able to donate, it would mean the world to her, you can find her gofundme under the following link: