CO:QUO: Making Space for Music Discourse | Kaitlyn Davies & Inês Henriques

With Kaitlyn Davies, CO:QUO, and Inês Henriques

Inês Henriques and CO:QUO's Kaitlyn Davies dial in from Lisbon to discuss Inês' work with MIL, an annual music festival, conference, magazine and education initiative in Portugal.

MIL is dedicated to the discovery, promotion, valorisation, and internationalisation of current popular music, as well as to a reflection on cultural policies and practices. The project encompasses music festivals, conventions, academies, artist residencies, training for international circulation, and a magazine, anticipating trends and fostering debate on issues that shape the future of the music and culture sectors.


  • solanin - néss

  • Não Dá - SUZANA

  • Choro da Rouca - Filipe Sambado

  • 2+1 - Judeline

  • Comezaina - Pedro da Linha

  • VEM M INSTIGAR (Rosa Pistola X DJ Criztian Remix) - King Kami

  • . - MAQUINA.