CO:QUO: Glitch Feminism, Infobesity, and Artificial Intelligence | Kaitlyn Davies, PortraitXO & Lia Coleman

With CO:QUO, and Kaitlyn Davies

CO:QUO's Kaitlyn and Rania (PortraitXO) link up with artist, researcher, and educator Lia Coleman for a deep dive into the implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning on creative practice, and answer the dreaded question - is AI coming for our jobs?

Lia Coleman is an artist, AI researcher, and educator whose work revolves around the interplay of AI technology, art & design, coding, and ethics.

Currently, Lia conducts research on creative AI at Carnegie Mellon University as a graduate student in the Robotics Institute. They also organise the NeurIPS Conference Workshop on Machine Learning in Creativity and Design, and work with RunwayML on an ML video series. They were also an adjunct professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, and created a guide with the Partnership on AI for artists to use ML responsibly.

Their work has been exhibited internationally in Germany, Malta, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, and has been featured by Vox, Wired, Tribeca Film Festival, Mozilla Festival, Science Gallery Detroit, New York University, the NeurIPS Conference, and Gray Area. Their writing on AI art has been published by Princeton Architectural Press, DISEÑA, and Neocha Magazine.

Lia is an alum of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BSc, Computer Science) and the School For Poetic Computation in NYC.

Track list:

  • night - Julianna Barwick

  • Neutral Paint - Young Paint (Actress)

  • Vot Yt-populi - Nao Tokui

*Thanks to Lia for recommending this WFMU show from Emily Saltz, from which these selections were made:

Show notes: