The Spiral Times

With BB

A spiral is a spring and April 1st means one thing: foolishness! Here’s an hour of mischief music and smile sounds from Egypt to Zanzibar, Japan to Sweden, unified by vibe not tribe, with some guest selections courtesy of spiral soulmate and York’s most beguiling tortoise mother Lauren. The Fool represents freedom from expectations, beginner's luck, improvisation, an unshakeable belief in the joyful unknown. Plant your seeds and lettuce cruise from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Okay Kaya - Mother Nature’s Bitch

The Main Ingredient - Everybody Plays the Fool

Prince - Silly Game

Mim Suleiman - Na Mia 

Obongjayar - Tinko Tinko (Don’t play me for a Fool) Onuma Singsiri - Mae Khae Som Tam

Francis Bebey - Africa Sanza 

Shiwan - Harmonies are Colors

Dip in the pool - Hasu no Enishi

Bladee - The Fool 

Karolina Carnalina - Haunted Heart

Laurie Anderson - Excellent Birds

Pauline Oliveros - Fool’s Circle

Delay Tactics - Kites

Suzanne Wendel - The Advertising Song

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - Fool on the Hill 

April and the Fools -  You Do

Cleaners from Venus - Stay Lit

Baligh Hamdi - Qissat Hob

The Dur-Dur Band - Duruuf Maa Layguy Dildee

Narayan from Zion - Dance of the Rice

Atomic Jazz Band - Our enemy is Motor

Les filles des Illighadad - Chakalan

Ohio Players - Sweet Sticky Thing

Waak Waak Djungi - Mother I’m Going Home 

Yoko Ono - What a Bastard the World is

DJ Crystal Clear - Unfoolish (after Ashanti)