Borshch Magazine with Olan Monk

With Olan Monk, Borshch Magazine , and Max GL

Borshch invite C.A.N.V.A.S. co-founder Olan Monk for a special 20-min guest mix called 'Rose Held.'

Rose Held (2022) Dragging the year into gear. Dedicated to the delivery biker who shouted Kurt Cobain. Featuring otherwise unreleased songs, instrumentals, demos, riffs, warped Sinéad O’Connor and Chet Baker edits, a slowed down Nirvana drill remix from TikTok and a downtuned version of boli group’s ‘8000’ from the Jutlandia Quartets (2021) as released on Haunter Records.


Corin - Solis

Carmen Villain - Portals

Jake Muir - Cauldron

Iceboy Violet - Atone Blankface

[GUEST MIX] Olan Monk - Rose Held (2022)

Katarina Gryvul - Vidsutni

Emma DJ & Toma Kami - Julia Bashmore

Sueuga Kamau - Un Diseño Arcaico

Slikback x KNOW V.A. - WATCHING ME

DJ Narciso & Endgame - CUT

INSIN - DAWA Feat. Lil Asaf


Emma DJ - abimé

Talpah & Ciro Vitiello - Miracle

7038634357 - Ground (Up)