With Benjamin Freeney

Unorthodox ambient and eccentric house music including an excerpt of a live collaboration with composer, trombonist and Arthur Russell collaborator Peter Zummo.

1. Day Seven – Matthew Herbert (Unreleased) / Santa (Acapella) – Thiago Nassif (Unreleased) / Penty Harmonium – Aphex Twin (Warp) 2. Voices Raised In Welcome, Hands Raised In Prayer – Japan (Virgin) 3. Tantra Development (Moritz Von Oswald Remix) – Francesco Tristano (Deutsche Gramophon 4. Elimination Of Desires – Eliane Radigue (Lovely Music) 5. Is Awake – Matthew Herbert (Accidental) 6. Ode To Street Hassle featuring Benjamin Freeney – Bruno Pronsato (Perlon)–––––– Benjamin Freeney & Peter Zummo at Brilliant Corners (Excerpt) 7. No Day – Baby Ford (Perlon) 8. All The Time – DJ Koze (Philpot) 9. The Hypnotist – Melchior Productions Ltd. 10. Tower Of Meaning – Arthur Russell (Audika)

______________________________________________________________ 11. Temperature High (Benjamin Freeney Warm Blood Dub) – Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon (Foom) 12. What We Wish – Bruno Pronsato (Hello?Repeat) / Alone In Vegas (Excerpt) – Garry Shandling (HBO)