aequa Radio | Sarj & Sadaf Javdani

With Sarj

aequa is a community for social equity, with a Community Centre in Berlin-Wedding. aequa is an intersectional community of people brought together by our shared vision of a world in which everyone can thrive. Through daily practices of solidarity and mutual support, this show explores our individual potential and our collective power.

Today’s show is titled 'Solidarity, Not Fragility', a theme that will be explored in reference to the revolution in Iran and the reaction of people here in Europe, especially here in Berlin. How can those those of us who are not Iranian best amplify the right messages and support for those who are on the front lines or more directly impacted by this revolution? What is the importance of intersectionality in so-called allyship, and what does it look like to show up with direct care for those who are impacted right here in Berlin?

Today’s guest is Sadaf Javdani, a Berlin-based Iranian visual anthropologist who works at the intersection of film, critical writing and ethnographic research. They are a writer, activist and video producer. Within their work, Sadaf depends on intersectionality as a lens to address social justice and equity-related topics.

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IG: Intersectional Solidarity See the work of Sadaf Javdani. As always – tracklist and links to buy the music available here.