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With Sarj

aequa is a community for social equity, with a Community Centre in Berlin-Wedding. aequa is an intersectional community of people brought together by our shared vision of a world in which everyone can thrive. Through daily practices of solidarity and mutual support, this show explores our individual potential and our collective power.

As this show is airing on the winter solstice, it’ll be focusing on the theme of INTEGRATION — both in the context of what this word means for immigrants and other kinds of “othered” peoples in our societies, but also what it means for us somatically, what it means to integrate new truths or realities into our bodies as we take on new knowledge.

There is no guest for this episode, but here are two causes they’d love for you to support this giving season:

Solidarity with Iranian Trans Women:

Solidarity with Refugees in Libya:

As always, tracklist and links to buy the music available at: